Used Equipment



If you don’t see it call 770-409-9801 or email us! This list changes regularly.

We’ll buy or give you trade-in credit for your obsolete or used equipment. Currently the most wanted items are Electronic Levels, Surface Plates (all grades and sizes), Form scans (or other manufacturers), Roundness Systems, Surface Finish Systems (all manufacturers), Laser Alignment Systems, H.P., Optodyne

  • New PROTO Torque Multiplier model 6202A:  $475
    Range – 0 to 750 foot pounds





  • Retrofit for J&L Optical Comparators:   $1,150

We have created our own retrofit kit for J&L optical comparators that use expensive, hard to find SAH-250 mercury lamps.  For little more than the price of one lamp, you can retrofit your comparator to use a standard, inexpensive lamp.  Please contact us for more information at 770-409-9801 or

Retrofit 5IMG_2906 IMG_2907Retrofit 2Retrofit 4Retrofit 3





  • HACH Sension2 pH ISE meter with probe like new with certification:   $375
  • MCR20 Renishaw Probe Changer:  $1,000
    MC20 Probe Changer
  • 14inch J&L FC-14 Optical Comparator with Fagor DRO, Power Y drive, 6 lens with auto changer:  $8,750
  • Gagemaster 20″ Optical Comparator loaded: $10,000.00
  • Federal 2000 Surfanalyzer, 12″ Drive, Computer, Software: $5,950.00
  • Federal Electronics Levels, $5,000.00

    ofs eq 20011.jpg 5-5-04

Like New Cal Eq. 004
  • ST Model 22-0358 14″ Optical Comparator w/ Metronics QC2000 DRO, 20X lens: $4,995.00
Misc. Gages 004
  • Fowler/Mondo Video Height Gage 54-718-000: New!  $1,995.00

Video Height Gage 4-18-01

  • TH-130 Digital Portable Hardness Tester: New!  $1,995.00


  • Rockwell Wilson Hardness Testers T,N,B,C scale. Superficial: $1,500.00 – $2,500.00
  • Precision Air Bearing Spindle: $1,400.00
oFS Eq.30002.jpg - 5-5-04
  • Olympus Camera Kit for Microscope: $600.00 each
  • Federal Digital Amplifier Model EAS-2347: $600.00:
  • Schaevitz Amplifier w/ Transducer Model DTR-1450: $500.00
  • Portable Blue M Oven with Thermocouple: $250.00
Misc. Gages 008
  • Digital Read-Outs (X,Y Boxes): $300.00 – $995.00
  • MTI 172-275 50X Optical Comparator Lens: $250.00


  • Federal Replacement Stylus, Transducers: $150.00:
  • Federal Transducers Models EHE 1117,1102,1105: $100.00 each
  • Federal Assorted Indicators: $100.00 each
  • Mahr Special Indicator Mics: $100.00 each
  • B&S Mistral CMM complete with PC Dmis software and PH-9 probe $5,995.00





  • Assorted Federal snap gages with digital indicator $275.00 each





  • Assorted Bore gages $B.O  Mahr Digital indicators $125.00 each





  • Tesa Mico Hite 3D DCC/CMM with PC Dmis software and PH10M probe $12,750.00





  • Assorted Air Rings and Setting Discs: $50.00each
  • Federal, MTI, Misc. Indicators, all ranges: $25.00 and up
  • Misc. Thread and Cylindrical Ring and Plug Gages: B.O.
 Misc. Gages 003
  • Misc. Lab gages: B.O.
Misc. Gages 002
  • J&L Comparator parts, charts, motors, gears, cards, etc.: B.O.


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